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Welcome to Honest Business People, who are top consumer advocates, consultants, authors, lobbyists, technology developers, the very best, low cost, out of court, cash settlement, contingency civil litigation lawyers and the biggest scam-busters throughout North America!

Honest Business People guarantees that you will never get ripped off, taken advantage of or be scammed by scam-artist companies ever again, by reading the entire content of this great consumers advocate website and always use Honest Business People for civil litigation law when you are a victim of a scam-artist company and do not be a tolerant consumer by not suing when you are a victim of scam-artist companies and do not let scam-artists get away home free, that is why you must always sue if you are a victim of a scam-artist company.

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This website is very ideal for people, who are really big fans of Ralph Nader and Evan Levitt, who is the #1 consumers advocate of today. Honest Business People has now given free advice to over 1 million companies and has handled over 1 million consumer complaints against scam-artist companies. Our business address, email address and phone number are just down below in the middle of the web page.

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Honest Business People tells all consumers to always be buyers beware when doing business with companies and do not do business with scam-artists. All consumers must always boycott, make inquiries, complaints, disputes and file winning lawsuits against scam-artist companies using our services only, as we get rid of them for you. The biggest scams of today are govt tax fraud, auto service rip-offs, false advertising, junk mail, junk email, junk faxes, wonder drug scams, PO Box number scams, telemarketers, landlord disputes, gift card retail store scams, debit card fraud, credit card fraud, model and talent agency scams. When purchasing a CDN gift card, it can only be used in Canada only, make sure the receipt and codes match each other. Honest Business People tells all consumers to become big advocators like Ralph Nader and Evan Levitt by demanding much better quality products and services for less money. Do not let scam-artists take advantage of you.

Honest Business People is giving away free of charge to all consumers, is an auto service rip-off guide for you to follow. We always recommend getting service at the car dealership only. Kindly email us and we will send the guide to you free of charge.

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Honest Business People has now made law very affordable to all consumers who want to file really big money making winning lawsuits against scam-artist companies. Sue bad manufacturers who produce unsafe, covid junk products that cause bodily harm, fall apart, shock and fire hazards from Third World countries. Honest Business People tells all consumers to strictly buy Canadian, U.S.A. and British made products only. Do not shop at low end retail stores that carry junk from the Third World. The job you save just might be your own. People who buy junk products made in Third World countries are a gullible consumer. Everything you buy today is junk with a capital J and will not last longer than a day. Honest Business People hopes to get Trudeau out of politics.

Make really big money by filing winning lawsuits against scam-artist companies using Honest Business People only. Just keep sending us your consumer complaints and disputes against scam-artist companies to our email address just below. We do law all over Canada and the U.S.A. We offer a no win, no fee policy and we do small claims. Our legal fees are 10% commission on a winning lawsuit only, with no consultation fees or retainer fees.

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All consumers must sue over everything and even if it is over the slightest thing that has gone wrong, as we will do our best to win the lawsuit for you.

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If you hate scam-artists, companies involved in unethical business practices, criminals, degenerates and unsafe covid-19 manufactured junk products made in China, as much as we do and want to learn how to make really big money by filing winning lawsuits against scam-artist companies, then you have come to the right website on the Internet for the very best, low cost, out of court cash settlement, contingency civil litigation lawyers throughout North America. Only losers buy unsafe junk products with covid made in China.

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Going to court to win a battle is a last resort, as we try our best to settle matters out of court on all contingency lawsuits, in order to avoid very costly court costs and wasting precious time for the plaintiff who wants to win the lawsuit and collect the money right away from the defendant.

We offer free web hosting, free advertising, free email, one time fee, free hydro power online gambling, online retailing, very low cost legal services, $100 CAD per hour or 10% commission on a winning lawsuit only with no retainer fees, unlimited free consultations, very low cost consulting services, 298 page consumers advocate e-book and paperback book. We are looking for book stores throughout the world to carry our book and to learn about our book click this link. Honest Business People Books and punch in Xlibris.com the publisher or call Xlibris at 1-844-714-8691 EST in the U.S.A.! Bookstores who carry our book will be promoted on our website. Honest Business People and Xlibris publishers approve all book stores and retailers who wish to carry our book.

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Honest Business People has now won over 20,000 contingency lawsuits against scam-artist companies since starting the business in January of 1995. Your consumer complaints + viable evidence = + results in an out of court cash settlement contingency winning lawsuit against a scam-artist company. Sue bad builders, slumlord landlords, manufacturers, retailers, auto service centers, loser anti-spam groups, sue for personal injury, companies involved in fraud, business scams, unethical business practices and companies involved in wrongful dismissals, etc, etc.

We only accept Canadian currency paid by cash or by Western Union and 99% of the time we collect from the defendant. An example of our legal fees on a USA winning lawsuit of $100,000 USA dollars, our legal fess would be $10,000 dollars in Canadian currency, as all Americans are saving 25% using our legal services in Canada, due to the weak CDN dollar. So always use Honest Business People for civil litigation law in Canada only. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for services that have been rendered.

Kindly buy our 298 page Honest Business People consumers advocate e-book, which is very ideal for people, who are really big fans of Ralph Nader. All information about our book is on the link below and our book is a $1000 value. We only like companies that steal all of our great ideas, advice and technology that is in our book. You cannot succeed in business without our book, as our advice, ideas and technology are second to nobody. We guarantee business success and doing 10x the business with our book. After all nobody wants to do business with companies that are scam-artists, rip-off artists, fly by night operators, telemarketers, loser anti-spam groups, importers of unsafe junk products from the Orient or Mexico, business to business game players, business to consumer game players, employer job seeker game players, as nobody likes run arounds at job interviews, as most employers could not do the job themselves, have unregistered businesses, use post office box numbers, charge consumers for parking, no website, crooks, criminals, degenerates, act arrogant, sarcastic, very rude and promote signs of negativity on their storefront that says No Soliciting, which really means No customers needed or wanted. All companies must be in business for the benefit of the consumer or you will go bankrupt. People who are rude, snobbish, unfriendly, braggarts, introverts, sarcastic, greedy, cheap, incompetent and arrogant are the biggest losers. 90% of businesses fail with in 5 years, due to the fact you are not implementing our great advice, ideas and technology into your company from our book. Honest Business People are giving true facts that 90% of businesses are no damn good. Be honest business people and do not be scam-artists.

Our book is very informative on all areas of advocating, law, consumer and business advice consulting. It tells you how to be very cost effective, innovative, diversified and self sufficient in business. Marketing strategies in order to promote large volumes of sales, top business locations, all business scams from A to Z, how to avoid all types of consumer complaints, companies we like in business, great technology and an auto service rip-off guide. It tells how to be the best builder, landlord, manufacturer, retailer, by strictly selling CDN, USA and British products only and not covid unsafe junk products from the Orient, car dealership, restaurant, hotel, radio station, TV network, phone company, advertising company, Internet service provider, hairstylist, bank, financial company, printer, publisher, transit company, school, taxi and courier service etc, etc. It also tells how a very dissatisfied consumer can avoid scandals and learn how to really make big money by filing winning lawsuits against scam-artist companies using Honest Business People only.

Kindly click this link to purchase our book called Honest Business People the 2nd edition by opening up a free publishers account by Xlibris publishers, in order to make online purchases on their online book stores. The paperback book is free of charge, if you file a winning lawsuit of $300 or more.

Canada needs a govt that will get the entire country off welfare, with better employer related job training programs, tougher import/export laws, ban covid unsafe junk products from Third World countries, especially China, tougher building, electrical and manufacturing safety codes, more manufacturing to be done in Canada only, get rid of French labels and metric system, free education, free phone, satellite TV and Internet for life, as Honest Business People will get advertising, gambling, online retailing, dating and web design to absorb all the costs, as you just pay for the modem, satellite and satellite phone one time round, designated area for smokers and pot heads, free public transit, insurance as an option, Canadian citizens come first in all job categories, no taxes whatsoever, breath analyser machines to be installed in all vehicles, in order to get the impaired drivers off the road, 24 hour bars, 3% interest rates, lower property values, legalize prostitution, join the USA, better education, work at your own speed, learn at your own level with open book tests, mandatory and enforced apprenticeship programs for young people, as Canada's education system is not working for anybody, deport Immigrants back to their country of origin who have criminal records, tougher Immigration laws, bring back the death penalty by lethal injection for hardened criminals like Paul Bernardo, John Gotti and Al Capone, long jail terms for scam-artists, tougher gun laws, get rid of crooked politicians like Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford, raise minimum wage to $20 per hour, more research on hydrogen fuels, electric cars, compressed air cars, free hydro power, steel frame construction, more loans, more affordable subsidized housing, mobile, trailer and recreational vehicles for builders and landlords to promote.

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Boycott all covid and unsafe manufactured junk products made in the Orient and Mexico. Never get automotive service done at Midas, Canadian Tire or Speedy. Never shop at Best Buy or other low end retail stores, as you are just throwing away your money on useless worthless garbage. People who buy junk products made in the Orient, India, Mexico and other Third World countries are very gullible and stupid. People who always look for bargains end up getting bargoons each time and every time. People who buy cheap will always weep.

Honest Business People advocates about getting rid of bribery amongst building inspectors, transportation officials, health food inspectors, Immigration officials and politicians, covid products from the Orient, getting circuit breakers, unfused equipment, slow blow fuses, 2-prong plugs, 2-prong outlets, hardwired alarms, gasoline, diesel fuels, air bags, anti-lock brakes, standard transmission, front wheel drive, rubber timing belts used in cars, airplanes, trains, boats, low grade tires that cause blow outs and electronic fuel injection off the market. All these things cause covid, pollution, shock hazards, fire hazards, car accidents, airplane crashes, train derailments, boating accidents, tire blow outs, etc, etc. Only reputable tire manufacturer is Michelin, hydrogen, compressed air and electric powered vehicles are the way to go. Manufacturers are only reputable when they use 3-prong polarized properly grounded line cords with a very thick gauge of wire and insulation with fast blow, low amp fuses only.

The cities that generate the most consumer complaints to our website in the exact order are of the following: Toronto, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Washington, Miami City, Hawaii, Vancouver, Cleveland and Detroit. These are the cities that have the most scam-artists and unethical people in business throughout North America. So buyers beware of scam-artists and unethical businesses.

Honest Business People suggests that all home, business and car owners invest in steel frame construction, static electricity or solar power and use top quality security products to secure your home, business and car properly. The best wireless security and CCTV is British Telecom, best high security locks are Abloy, Medeco and Schlague, have window security bars installed, best sprinkler system is Grinnell and the best car alarms are Viper, Code Alarm and Clifford. This will help to avoid break ins, hold ups, fires and car theft. Always buy manufactured products made in Canada, USA and England only. Do not throw away your money on useless worthless junk made in the Orient or Mexico, such as a pet rock or a cabbage patch doll. Most things you buy today are junk with a capital J. These products cause covid, shock and fire hazards. Most manufacturers sell you their headaches. Building inspectors, transportation officials, Immigration officials, politicians, health food inspectors and consumer guide report magazines take bribes.

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